Instagram Has Banned the Hashtag #Curvy but we say #CurvyisnotaCrime

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So here is the news of the week.
Are you trying your instagram pic with #curvy hashatag?
You little silly are going to see an error page: ” Sorry, that page isn’t available”.
So Curvy is banned from Instagram.
So it is now a crime? Why do we still have hashtag like “D**k, a*s, b**bs” ?
So why a Curvy girl is not free to hashtag herself with a world that describes her body?
What about Skinny, why can we still hashtag ourself like that?
Is there any difference?
I can’t really give a reason why Instagram has done that, but we still expect an answer from IG.
So IG, come on, let’s explain that.

I invite you all to use the hashtag #curvyisnotacrime , cause actually being Curvy is NOT a Crime! 


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